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4GEE Community Cinema Club

POSTED: 19th July 2017 BY: Dan
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For me, when I was young, a trip to the cinema meant a 40 min drive and a rare occasion. ​It has been great to work with EE, we have been one of the first to experience a screening from the 4GEE Community Cinema Club. What a treat… to finish a day’s rock climbing on Gimmer Crag with a movie snuggled up with a brew on a portaledge!

Our team carried 984kg of kit to...


Have you checked your camming devices recently?

POSTED: 29th November 2013 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Bolting, Gear Reviews, Qualifications, Staff @ Play, Technical Committee, Technical Courses

​I stand on the BMC Technical Committee representing the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and over recent years we have been receiving an alarming number of cam failures, these have been a result of users not checking them thoroughly for wear and tear.

Click the link here to read more on the BMC website.

Dan Robinson


​UIAA issue anchor corrosion warning

POSTED: 20th July 2012 BY: Dan

As part of the work Dan from real adventure does for the Cumbria Bolt Fund this article came across our sights and its worth looking at if you intend to be clipping any bolts near sea water or even just old looking bolts…See the full article here…


Westmorland Gazette

POSTED: 12th May 2010 BY: Dan

The westmorland Gazette phoned after hearing about the Cumbria Bolt Fund work I am doing asking for information.
I am impressed with how many little points they got wrong in the article.
Corrections consist of £30,000 worth of bolts.
Also take out the Peaks of the Lake District as bolting hear is strictly prohibited.
Its also interesting how that if a climber where to...


Sargent Crag Slabs

POSTED: 10th May 2010 BY: Dan

Alan and I headed up to Sargent Crag Slabs with the Bolt Fund kit to replace the lower off.
The walking decent off the cliff is a SSSI and is not recommended due to the erosion it has created in the past, The BMC local area group made a decision that the dangerous peg abseil station should be replaced with a bolt lower off at the left hand side of the climbs.

Bolt lower...


Bolting @ Mill Side

POSTED: 27th April 2010 BY: Dan

So our bolting road trip continued to a local crag on the Sunday, slightly less people but shorter holes and less training to do.
We got lots done here, there are now 7 lines that are re equipped and safe to climb again with another couple on there way. Soon we should have the whole crag complete.

We headed back on the Monday night too.


St Bees Bolting

POSTED: 25th April 2010 BY: Dan

Well Back to St Bees today to train some more locals in the fine art of bolting. There was a great turn out with 8 people equipped with the knowledge.
Here is a shot of the type if thing we are replacing, interesting to see just how 20 years next to the sea can effect a steel carabiner!!!

There are now 7 new lower offs and 3 completed lines with another 6 lines drilled...


BBC Radio Cumbria & Cumbria Bolt Fund

POSTED: 22nd April 2010 BY: Dan

As you know I head up the voluntary role of Cumbria Bolt Fund Chair, the equipment & bolts are funded by the Fell and Rock Climbing Club, BMC, Lyon Equipment, and other various clubs and private donations.
Tonight, Alex from High Line Vision and myself headed up to Mill Side with Martin, BBC Radio Cumbria’s reporter, to talk about the work of the Cumbria Bolt...