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The Adventures

"Learning outside the classroom is about raising young people’s achievement through an organised, powerful approach to learning in which direct experience is of prime importance." (LOtC)

The natural environment provides plentiful opportunities for individuals to immerse themselves away from modern day amenities and distractions and undertake something new, challenging and educational and gain invaluable, and potentially, life changing experiences.  

The positives young people get out of adventurous activities and outdoor education have been proven, documented and illustrated to the point where it is hard to justify not exposing young people to the outdoors. Adventurous activities are fantastic vehicles to develop and achieve a variety of learning outcomes including:

We offer a selection of adventurous activities.  Please take a look and get in touch to discuss which will be the most effective activity to meet your desired outcomes, group needs and requirements.  


Experience the exhilaration of descending rock faces, buildings and bridges using ropes controlling the speed of your own descent.

Whilst often forming an important part of a climbing or mountain scrambling day, abseiling is also enjoyed as a high intensity, adrenaline fueled activity in its own right. With access to the best lakeland locations, we will make you a day to remember – you control the speed of descent, we’ll make sure you’re safe and happy!


North American open boat for two to three people. You kneel or sit inside and use a single bladed paddle. Chose your Lake, we have a few, put on a buoyancy aid and paddle or even sail your boat from bay to island. We also offer Canoe Sailing for the whole day mission on the lake, just don’t forget to book the wind!


One of the best group bonding adventurous activities. Venture underground with us and see the most amazing fragile formations and features that caves have to offer.

For first time cavers, west yorkshire offers extensive progressive caving systems that can be walked into and out of. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, why not go for a vertical descent into the heart of the caves…


The wealth of outdoor climbing crags and indoor climbing walls in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales ensure that opportunities are plentiful for people of all ages and abilities to directly experience the challenges and thrills of climbing. Take your feet off the horizontal and onto the vertical.

Conservation & John Muir Award   

The John Muir Award encourages people of all ages and abilities to connect, enjoy and care for wild places.  It can become an integral part of your trip. It encourages participants to experience wild places and the environment to develop an awareness of and responsibility for the places we enjoy and want to protect.

The programme can be designed to offer a powerful mixture of adventure, self discovery, learning and fun through a range of outdoor activities, environmental learning and conservation practices.  Participants will undertake the 4 challenges of the award to discover; explore; conserve and share about the wild places they visit.  

The John Muir Award can be incorporated within specific areas of school study:

  • Geography
  • Environmental Studies
  • Art
  • Outdoor Education
  • Personal & Social Development


Some of the best adventures are when you embark on a multi-day expedition. Whether in canoes, by sail or on foot we can accommodate you in tents and teach you about camp craft and have a trip we will all remember for years to come.

There are many amazing trips to be experienced in remote and stunning areas of The Lakes and Scotland. Let’s go on an adventure!

Gorge Walking   

This is a fun physical activity that everyone can do. It involves scrambling up Mountain Rivers, getting wet or staying dry (you choose!). You will definitely come back with a smile on your face.

Combine an exploration of the mountain environment and the excitement of playing in moving water and you’ve got gorge walking, or ghyll scrambling as it’s known here in the lakes. It’s a great, fun, physical activity that can be enjoyed by all.

There’s no better way to stay cool on a hot summers day…

Gorge - going up getting wet

Ghyll - going up staying dry

Canyoning - going down jumping in - really wet

High Elements   

Tyrolean Traverse is where twin ropes are set up over a huge drop or a river. The group can learn how to set up the ropes then help each other get across.

Learn the mechanics of pulley systems with our Tree Pull and haul each other to the top of a tree. Can you trust each other not to let go?


Single seat boats, with a deck. You sit inside and use a double bladed paddle. Build some experience with us, then bring on the white water!

Kayaking is most often a solo sport which is both fun and fulfilling. With access to both expansive areas of flat water and a huge variety of rivers, we are perfectly placed to offer you programs to learn and develop your kayak skills. Whether you want a fun, introductory day or a progressive, skills based program, we have the course for you.

Mountain Biking

Based in the Lake District, we are surrounded by an array of mountain biking. Be it an interesting route to the pub for lunch, or exploring the nooks and crannies of the Lakes. For the group or the individual we can tailor a day or even a week to suit you. Whatever the level you want to ride, there is so much to choose from you will want to keep on coming back.

Mountain Walking      

Head for the hills and explore ridges, valleys, summits and breath-taking views of some of the highest mountains of the UK. Follow in the footsteps of Wainwright, exploring the stunning upland fells of the lake district. Hidden valleys, exciting ridges, and ultimately, the prize of reaching the summit and breath-taking views. Our locally based leaders will share their wealth of mountain knowledge and skills.

Raft Building   

What do you get if you mix a pile of ropes, a few wooden poles and plastic barrels, a group of people and a lot of enthusiasm..?

A great team achievement! Build out of rope, wooden spars and barrels a craft that will transport you and your team through (or into) the water. Learn knot tying and pioneer your way through the day, getting wet and have a lot of fun.

River Study   

What better way to embed knowledge than by submerging yourself into the environment you are trying to understand.  We can support curriculum topics and fulfil the requirement to 'carry out fieldwork investigations outside the classroom' using geographical enquiry and skills.  

Investigating rivers will offer a day of hands-on learning about an upland river and how, during its journey towards the sea, it will change and the effects they can have on the landscape.    Students will be encouraged to learn how rivers erode, transport and deposit materials and to identify subsequent landscape features and to hypothesise and investigate how channel characteristics will vary downstream from source to sea.  

Sea Cliff Traversing      

Humphrey Head

Head for the beach and climb along cliffs, abseil off headlands and crawl though caves.

You’ll never think about being at the beach in the same way after this! Scramble up and down the cliffs, crawl through caves and cracks in the rock, leap off rock stacks or into deep pools of water then catch a wave back into the shore in time for tea – it’s all in a days play.

Kail Pot

Traverse the edges of Ulswater, jump off the cliffs and swim the lake, west your climbing skills on the rocks. 

Team Development

More words needed

Winter Mountaineering   

Scotland or the Lakes offers an amassing winter trip. The skills needed to enjoy the winters environment are a great thing to learn. From keeping warm and being organised yourself to emergency snow shelter building, ice ace and crampon skills and more

Have a look at some of our venues we regularly use by using our interactive map.

Individual activities are available from £35 per person per day* 

*Subject to group size and location, bespoke packages are what we do.

  • I have been working with the RA team for 5 years now. Dan works closely with us to put together a bespoke programme each year taking into account the needs of the cohort but because of his expertise and highly qualified and professional instructors it remains flexible to allow us to adapt for the weather, children’s abilities and interests as their adventure develops.

    Peter Hicks, Head Teacher Heron Hill Primary School
  • Thanks to all the team who made our residential such a memorable experience. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed all the actvities. It was great fun to see the teachers joining in with us. Thanks to Mark for the experience of eating bananas wrapped in bacon and the delicious sticky toffee pudding on the last night. We have told the Year 5 pupils all about it and they are looking forward to next year already. Thanks. 

    Lucie Phelps, Head Teacher Lindal and Marton School
  • Thank you, we all loved canoeing because we liked pulling wheelies and the paddle was funny. You were very helpful bringing all the things that we needed. We all enjoyed walking up core, it was awesome and amazing. Thank you for taking us kayaking we enjoyed it so much.   Thank you for everything. 

    Hollie, Bella, Carlos and Matthew , Young People Langdale CE Primary School
  • I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in the Ingleton residential you have all played a part in giving Jessica a memory and experience that I’m sure will stay with her forever – she loved every minute and won’t stop talking about her new best friend “Nick”.


    Thank you Peter for not being risk averse, as I know a number of schools now shy away for these types of activities – so thank you for believing in the value these experiences give children.


    I think we may have another new hobby to add to the list – caving – but I am well and truly leaving that one with her Dad!!


    Thanks again

    Claire, Parent Herron Hill Primary

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