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Mountain Leader Award

The mountains of the UK are remote, technical and exposed to harsh and unpredictable weather. This makes them a hazardous place for novice walkers and the ML is designed to help responsible leaders who wish to operate in mountainous terrain in summer conditions. The Mountain Leader (ML) Award was established to promote the safe enjoyment of the hills and mountains, it integrates experience, training and assessment in a variety of testing conditions in mountainous country. You will learn such skills as group management, navigation, emergency procedures and equipment, access and conservation and security on steep ground.  

Real Adventure work with MTE Provider Mike Margeson 588 to deliver these courses.

If you have a group of people and wish to organise a course or the dates below are full or don't fit with you get in touch and we can make plans. 

Booking Information

All our courses are private closed bookings for you or your group. We do not offer open enrolment courses, unless you are in our qualifications department. This guarantees you the highest quality and tailored outcomes for you. 

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ML Training

The training course is based around the ML syllabus and the particular needs of candidates. In particular we will look at the practical skills and techniques required when leading groups hill walking and camping in the mountains of the UK including aspects of navigation, group management, supervision on steep ground, risk assessment and emergency use of the rope. Consideration of the weather, mountain rescue, the environment and other related topics will also be covered. The majority of the course is practically based, however, some is of a theoretical nature. At times you may find yourself outdoors in adverse weather and you should be prepared for this. There will be an overnight camp and night navigation exercise.


£395 pp (none Residential)

ML Refresher

Run by Dan Robinson these can be tailored to your needs, designed for either a skills check before your assessment or as a refresher / update if you did your assessment along time ago and wish to brush up a few things.

This is an opportunity for constructive criticism on areas of personal performance for those considering assessment. It is intended as a forum to look at current ideas, techniques and practices. It also provides an opportunity to raise questions and hopefully dismiss fears concerning assessment. Topics covered include micro-navigation, weather, emergency use of the rope and leadership. However the precise structure remains flexible to best suit the needs of the course members. This course gives you a fantastic learning opportunity prior to assessment. During the course you will discuss ideas, techniques and best practice. All your questions will be answered!


ML Assessment

The assessment course will look at all aspects of leading groups in the hills and includes a three day expedition. Candidates should be familiar with all aspects of the syllabus before assessment, even if some parts were not covered during training. Assessment courses provide at least sixty hours of contact time between candidates and assessors and candidates are tested in accordance with the syllabus.


£395 pp (none residential)

ML Re Assessment

No matter what you deferred on we can provide the re-assessment for you. 

No matter what you deferred on we can provide the re-assessment for you. These are run by either Dan Robinson or Mike Margeson through Mike’s provider status. The ratio is normally 1:1 or you could team up with another to reduce the cost. This is a flexible course to suit you.

Log Book

  • completed any further logbook experience required.


  • minimum of 3 months consolidation since your assessment.

These are run by either Dan Robinson or Mike Margeson through Mike’s provider status. The ratio is normally 1:1 or you could team up with another to reduce the cost. This is a flexible course to suit you and your deferral. 

  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for your guidance support and encouragement with my navigation refresher last  Monday week, I got so much out of the training session. It was a really great day / evening out on the fells and has really helped to refocus where I am at  and where I need to be with my navigation  and reassessment. 

    For me it was great to have that one to one training and input from yourself; the discussions around navigation, contours and the use of the compass at the start of the session helped me to get a clearer picture in my ahead about navigating on the fells.

    How you tailored the session for me, towards my needs and way of learning really helped me to understand and take in both the information you where giving me and your instructions for the navigation legs.

    I have taken on board your advice and will look to get 5 to 10 quality mountain days in the hills before looking to do  another  training session and mock assessment with you.

    Thanks again for a great day well afternoon and evening out on the fells.

    Matt Davis, ML Trainee