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Hill Skills

We offer an array of hill skills courses to suit all levels and cover all aspects of interest. Whatever your experience, ability or motivation, we will give you all the skills required to have a safe and enjoyable time on the hill in summer conditions. Whether you are looking to pursue National Governing Body Awards or just trying to increase your own personal competence in a mountainous environment, we will help you gain all the skills, techniques and the confidence to take it to the next level.

Real Adventure can offer skills courses set in the Lake District or further further afield. Our instructors are fully qualified, very experienced and keen to ensure you have a great experience.


Have you got previous hill walking experience? Do you wish to extend your scrambling knowledge and try more adventurous mountain routes? If you are interested in learning how to move over steep ground safely, perhaps using a rope, then we have the course for you.

For those who have a head for heights and a sense of adventure we can offer a wide range of scrambling courses. In the Lake District we are lucky enough to have over 50 different scrambles on our doorstep. We can tailor a course to suit you.

Lakes Winter

The winter is an amazing time of year in the Lake District. Already challenging peaks take on a new seriousness and rapidly changing conditions. The Lake District is a fantastic location, ideal for learning new winter skills and techniques. Having a solid set of foundation skills enables the mountain walker to venture into the winter environment and make choices and decisions to stay safe.

When conditions are in we can provide guiding. Due to the fickle conditions in the Lake District we like to remain flexible with booking dates and like to remain open to the possibility of re-booking when conditions are favourable or changing location - keep a weekend free and we can always head up to Scotland. We will endeavour to take you to the best locations to suit your needs.

Keep an eye on our blog for winter condition updates…

Scottish Winter

The high mountains of Scotland offer a unique challenge to climbers and mountaineers. Scotland is well known for its unstable weather patterns, variable temperatures and high altitude. As a result you will not be far from an unexpected challenge. Whether you choose to learn to navigate confidently to the summit of your first Munro or pick your way carefully up a gleaming ice gully one thing is for sure, our highly-qualified and enthusiastic instructors will help you develop the skill, technique and confidence you need to get more out of this rugged mountain environment. A winter skills course in Scotland is not to be missed. Some of the most breathtaking and memorable days on the hill can be in the winter. Come with us and learn how to experience the mountains safely.

Booking Information

All our courses are private closed bookings for you or your group. We do not offer open enrolment courses, unless you are in our qualifications department. This guarantees you the highest quality and tailored outcomes for you. 

There are 3 options you can choose from to make your booking:

  • Book Now - This is for our listed course dates; book, pay, and enjoy your course. 
  • Enquire - if you would like alternative dates** to those listed, drop us a message about a specific course and we can talk further about your booking. 
  • Buy Voucher - you are buying a GIFT VOUCHER for a date to be confirmed** in the future. (Valid for 2 years from date of purchase)

For full terms and conditions please see click here.

**dates are dependant on availability. 


Intro to Nav

Get to grips with the fundamentals with the help of a fully qualified instructor. You will be guided through basic navigation techniques such as scales, symbols and grid references to ground shape, measuring distance, taking bearings and using a compass. This course will give you the confidence to get off the beaten track and head into the hills.

Progress your Nav

Looking at developing your navigation skills? Or are your skills slightly rusty? Hill skills not as proficient as you would like?

This course will cover all aspects of advanced navigation for those who wish to develop their navigation skills. Throughout this practical course you will have the opportunity to refine your navigation technique and learn more. It will give you the confidence to find your way in all weather conditions, day or night. This course is for anyone comfortable with the basics of navigation but wanting to gain an insight into navigation in poor visibility and away from paths and tracks.

Date Your Choice Size 1 Ratio 1:1 Price £180 Buy Voucher
Date Your Choice Size 2 Ratio 1:2 Price £200 Buy Voucher
Date Your Choice Size 3 Ratio 1:3 Price £255 Buy Voucher
Date Your Choice Size 4 Ratio 1:4 Price £340 Buy Voucher


We’ll introduce you to some of the easier scrambles or guide you along the longer, more challenging routes in the central fells. Scrambles range from easy but spectacular rocky walking to harder, steeper movement over rock that requires some climbing and occasionally the security of a rope. It gives an amazing day out, but requires judgment and skill, both of which we will help you develop. There are also many adventures to be had within the amazing ghylls that cut through the hills.


Advanced Scrambling      

Looking at taking a more adventurous route on the mountain? This course aims to increase your skills and provider you with the knowledge to enable you to tackle those routes. The course will cover all aspects of scrambling, both roped and unroped and movement over graded scrambles. Will look at scrambling techniques on rock and mixed ground, use of safety systems, route choice and route finding. Our instructors are highly skilled and experts in providing safe, enjoyable days in the mountain.

Date Your Choice Size 1 Ratio 1:1 Price £200 Buy Voucher
Date Your Choice Size 2 Ratio 1:2 Price £220 Buy Voucher

Winter Mountaineering   

Climbing in Scotland offers rewards and challenges comparable with the best mountaineering anywhere in the world. You’ll discover how to use crampons and an ice axe; as well as learning about route planning and avalanche avoidance. As an introduction to Scottish conditions, all of these skills will be covered whilst gaining valuable mileage, experience and instruction on some of Scotland’s classic mountains.

Skills Covered

  • Weather report interpretation, route planning and avalanche awareness
  • Footwork and step cutting
  • Crampon skills on rock and snow
  • Self arrest
  • Emergency shelters
  • Winter navigation
  • Practical test on the snow pack
  • Ice skills
Date Your Choice Size 1 Ratio 1:1 Price £250 Buy Voucher
Date Your Choice Size 2 Ratio 1:2 Price £300 Buy Voucher
Date Your Choice Size 3 Ratio 1:3 Price £350 Buy Voucher
Date Your Choice Size 4 Ratio 1:4 Price £400 Buy Voucher

Ice Climbing      

Do you want to take your climbing the next step further? If you have experience climbing and want to learn safely how to transfer your skills to the winter or maybe you just want to get off the beaten track and be taken up or along classic winter climbs or ridges.

Coaching in climbing techniques for use on a variety of winter climbing terrain, including steep snow/ice/mixed, winter anchors, escaping from winter climbs, self reliance on winter climbs. Technical skills will include basic ropework and belaying, and use of technical ice tools on a variety of mediums (rock, ice, snow, turf and all combinations). Coaching to develop personal climbing technique on ice and mixed ground.

Costs are per day

Date Your Choice Size 1 Ratio 1:1 Price £250 Buy Voucher
Date Your Choice Size 2 Ratio 1:2 Price £300 Buy Voucher

Guided Ice Climbing   

If you are just keen to tick off some of the great Scottish winter classics like Point 5 Gully on Ben Nevis or try your hands at some hard mixed routes in the Northern Corries then this is the course for you. Gaining maximum climbing milage and experience on a variety of types of winter routes. Tailor made courses to suit you. Along with an experienced guide you can see the best Scotland has to offer.

Costs are per day

Date Your Choice Size 1 Ratio 1:1 Price £250 Buy Voucher