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For any residential we can provide the catering, no matter how large your group or dietary needs. Our head chef Michiel is a also a trained secondary school teacher and brings incredibly delicious home cooked meals to the table whilst educating the young people about healthy eating. 

We believe tasty, wholesome home cooked food provides students with the greatest energy to keep them fuelled all day.  We strive to provide locally sourced, organic or fair trade produce and ingredients.  

We believe that eating good quality healthy food is crucial to ensuring young people get the best experience whilst on their adventures. All the ingredients we use are fresh from the butchers, grocers and the bakery. We try to source local, organic or fair-trade products to support local businesses and cooperatives internationally.

What you can expect…

  • To get started - selection of cereals, porridge, toast and spreads, fruit juice, teas and fresh coffee.
  • Keeping going - stuff a large wholegrain roll from More? bakery with a selection of fillings including freshly cooked ham, fruit, energy bars and a tempting tray bake from Wilfs Cafe.
  • Afternoon warmer / refresher - once back from activities you will find a mug of delicious homemade soup and a chunk of rustic bread from More? bakery to warm you up and keep you going until tea. Or, it could be a refreshing platter of melons and oranges on those roasty toasty days.
  • Refuelling - fill you bellies with a hearty meal followed by a delicious pud to replenish energy stores for the next day.

Where we get it from...

  • Fruit & veg is supplied by Dobson's Greengrocer on Kendal high street
  • Meat is prepared at Haytons Butchers, a traditional family butcher in Staveley
  • Bread for soup and lunch rolls are baked by More? the artisan bakery in Staveley
  • Home cooked tray bakes for lunches from Wilf's in Staveley
  • All our dried and none perishable food is sourced from Suma Whole Foods
  • Traditional Kendal Mint Cake from George Romney's of Kendal
  • Our fresh coffee is from Farrer's of Kendal, we get the continental blend to go with your continental breakfast.
  • All cleaning products are environmentally friendly sourced from Suma Whole Foods

We believe in knowing where our food comes from. We choose to source the majority of ours from small local suppliers who we think do great quality at a fair prices.