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We off a comprehensive range of skills courses from beginner to advanced teaching you to become more independent or enable you to get out of tricky situations. Along side that there is the classic guided days for those wanting to tick some lakeland classic climbs.

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Over 100 Years Of Trad Climbing History from Epic TV

  • We have been doing a few days of family rock-climbing with Dan every year, starting as complete outdoor novices and moving on to increasingly difficult and varied routes over the past five years. Dan manages to combine infinite patience, encouragement, and a great sense of humour with knowing exactly how much and how far to challenge us, so that each time we progress in ways we could never have imagined! Being able to overcome fears of exposure, managing multi-pitch severe (or harder) routes AND being able to enjoy ourselves at the same time is all thanks to Dan's experience as an instructor and his excellent people skills. We have recommended Dan and Real Adventure highly to all our friends and anyone who is looking for brilliant fun, challenge, and adventure!

    Gundi, Mark, Laura & Julia Gabbay, Manchester Climbing - Up Your Game Courses
  • When I said I was afraid of heights in our exploratory email to Dan, I should have expanded and warned Dan what I meant i.e. so afraid that the last time I had been up a mountain I had a panic attack. We are both reasonably fit and active for our ages, and we had said we wanted to extend ourselves, so Dan chose a first day venue which he thought would be suitable for those goals but still modest enough for someone afraid of heights. Little did he realise that I was already not looking at the point at which we started the first pitch. Fairly shortly after that Dan was rapidly getting the idea about my fear of heights. So it is all credit to him that he still got me to climb the first two pitches of Middle Fell Buttress. This was entirely a result of his limitless patience, constant encouragement and the huge confidence he engendered by his attention to safety and detail, as well as his obvious overall knowledge of climbing in particular and the mountains in general. Dan also managed to balance my needs with that of my husband Michael who wanted to extend himself by going higher. Dan knew when not to coax me further however and we agreed that he would return me to base and then go on higher with my husband. Although the day was officially over by the time they got back, Dan was keen I should have some fun so he took us bouldering for an hour or so. At only 7ft off the ground I was absurdly happy but, adventurous and highly respected climber though he is himself, he never once let me feel stupid for my fears. We then all went for tea so that he could debrief us and ensure that we had worked out how to meet everyone’s needs best the next day. We settled on Hutton Roof which he managed to make interesting for Michael, yet manageable for me, since I was never more than about 25ft off the ground. We had a very happy couple of days and he sent both of us away, despite our different needs and abilities, with a sense of achievement apiece. I am definitely keen to continue, I’m amazed, so we’ll be back as soon as we can. Result!

    Sarah Monk Climbing - Just Starting Out Course
  • Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

    Benjamine Franklin