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Adventure Days

Adventure Days are tailored to suit your students' needs, mostly though, they are driven by what you and your young people would like to do and where you would like to go for your adventurous day out. Some schools come with a particular curriculum agenda such as team building for a new year group or environmental focus for field studies. Some teachers just bring kids away for a well-deserved treat after exams! 

We also provide brilliant days out for other organised groups from Cadets, Youth Clubs, to Scouts & Guides. Most just want to have a day having stacks of fun. We can provide for any size group up to a whole year group.

Head to The Adventures page for more information on each activity / adventure. We can provide these anywhere you need.
For a look into some of the venues we use, see our interactive map

Building strong, trusting relationships between your students and teachers can enhance your students’ learning and development back in the school environment.  We can offer adventures that can gel your students as a team whilst providing opportunities to challenge individual students so that they increase their confidence, self-awareness and motivation. 


Move the classroom out of doors and bring learning to life.  We can support curriculum topics such as rivers, mountains and habitats that will enhance students’ understanding and awareness of the natural environment or lead them on a journey through unique landscapes that have been shaped by historic human influence or inspired literary writers. 

Rambling Rivers       Various Locations

What better way to embed knowledge than by submerging yourself into the environment you are trying to understand.  We can support curriculum topics and fulfil the requirement to 'carry out fieldwork investigations outside the classroom' using geographical enquiry and skills.  

Investigating rivers will offer a day of hands-on learning about an upland river and how, during its journey towards the sea, it will change and the effects they can have on the landscape.    Students will be encouraged to learn how rivers erode, transport and deposit materials and to identify subsequent landscape features and to hypothesise and investigate how channel characteristics will vary downstream from source to sea.  

Prices from £35+vat depending on ratio's and transport needs.


Swallows and Amazons    Coniston Water

What a better way to inspire a class than to take them to the actual island a book in written about. This day we can transport you and your class all the way to Wild Cat Island, minibus - canoe - sails - fire lighting - hot chocolate - stories and home. 

The benefits are immeasurable however imagine the work that can come out of 1 single day out back in the class room. 

Prices from £35+vat depending on ratio's and transport needs.


Rock & Woods                Humphrey Head

​Humphrey Head is a headland poking out into Morcambe Bay and offers a special day. We can tailor it to your group but with a mixture of rocks on the beach and the headland to explore with all the history that goes with the area it makes for a varied and special day. For the pure rock enthusiast we can combine scrambling, bouldering and climbing at HH with a half day at Lindale slabs for a traditional vertical climbing session.

  • Travering along the rock
  • Abseiling off the headland
  • Climbing / Bouldering
  • Navigation and Orienteering on the Headland
  • Woodland education
  • Fire building
  • Kelley Kettles and Hoc Chocolate
  • Srambling

Prices from £35+vat depending on ratio's and transport needs.


Mini Explorers             Longsleddale

For our local schools we can offer a great introduction into the outdoors and lead up to staying away from home. Based from the Longsleddle OEC we give the centre and sole use of the area.

  • Adventures
  • Lunch
  • Adventures
  • Evening meal
  • Fire
  • Pj's & Bedtime Stories
  • Hot Chocolate & Biscuit
  • Home for bed
  • Stone Age skills
  • Fire lighting
  • Leaf pressing & rock art
  • Rope skills
  • Adventure Skills
  • Camp craft skills
  • Shelter making
  • Stick man making

Please enquire and we can build the adventure. 

  • There is clear evidence that outdoor learning has a positive impact on young people, and when that learning is of high quality the impact can be life changing. For many, just being outdoors can have a huge benefit in terms of health and well-being, stimulating curiosity and developing an appreciation of the world around them. When such experiences are part of a progressive programme designed to support integrated learning in both formal and informal settings, the impact is greatly enhanced.

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  • ...Young people of all ages benefit from real life ‘hands on’ experiences; when they can see, hear, touch and explore the world around them and have opportunities to experience challenge and adventure....

    ...Its vital that young people learn how to manage challenge and risk for themselves in everyday situations so they become confident and capable adults...

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