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Reward your staff with a day or weekend with Real Adventure. We can offer a range of exciting activities. If you fancy getting wet, try canoeing or kayaking, or compete against each other to build and race a raft. Experience the buzz of altitude whilst rock climbing or the thrill of our 120 foot abseil. If you like the sound of all of the above then try gorge walking, a favourite with all ages where you ascend a river gorge by scrambling, climbing, jumping, swimming or enjoy the delights of the Yorkshire Dales cave systems. We offer bespoke programmes to cater for a wide range of needs. We understand that every client will have a different brief for their event; so whether you are looking for an event that incorporates conference facilities and practical activities or a programme of interactive activities we have the facilities, qualified instructors and experience to help you meet your objectives of the day.

Staff Rewards

Your staff team are your greatest resource and our Staff Adventure Rewards is an effective way of letting them know how highly you value their efforts. An afternoon or day of exciting activities is the perfect way to reward their dedication and hard work. You can choose one or more activities and we will provide your staff with some much deserved and fun packed time off!

Gorge Scrambling

It’s adventure all the way as you scramble through the stream, clambering over wet rocks against the flow of water using ropes and essential climbing equipment for protection as you go. Teamwork and communication are vital if your team are to successfully climb this steep valley stream. Working on the ‘challenge by choice’ principle your group can choose the extent and intensity of their own experience. Whatever your choice, you can be sure you’ll have to work together, keeping each other safe as you move as a team on your way to the top.

This is a truly different challenge and offers a physically and mentally demanding experience with inspiring rewards. It is a unique, very wet adventure in a beautiful natural environment requiring commitment and cooperation from all involved.

Raft Building

The strength, stability, and ultimately the buoyancy of your raft depends on the materials your team ‘unlocks’ during the morning challenges. Each activity-based task you successfully complete earns points, which can be exchanged for a broad range of rafting materials.

The day calls for a diverse spectrum of communication and decision making skills this offers an opportunity for the team to tailor the problems and activities to suit their collective abilities and strengths. Add to this the complexities of selecting the best materials, designing and building a practical raft and getting it into the water in one piece and you have a fantastic recipe for team development – and for great fun.

Summit Challenge

The team development task will incorporate route planning, selecting and packing equipment and discussion of the group’s individual and collective goals, concerns and responsibilities, you’ll set off up the mountain.

With our instructors alongside you all the way, you’ll walk to the top of the mountain, using map and compass to pick your way through the breathtaking scenery. Along the way your team will be presented with a range of challenges requiring teamwork and effective decision-making. These decisions are often made more complex by the unpredictable weather in the mountains and the harsh, exposed terrain. Although this is possibly one of our most physically demanding challenges, it is without doubt one of the most rewarding and calls for a unique type of cohesive motivation from the group. The Summit Challenge is a superb day out which carries with it a fantastic sense of group achievement.