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4GEE Community Cinema Club

POSTED: 19th July 2017 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Bolting, Family & Group Adventures, Gear Reviews, Qualifications, Staff @ Play, Technical Committee, Technical Courses, Video, Winter Conditions, Young People

For me, when I was young, a trip to the cinema meant a 40 min drive and a rare occasion. ​It has been great to work with EE, we have been one of the first to experience a screening from the 4GEE Community Cinema Club. What a treat… to finish a day’s rock climbing on Gimmer Crag with a movie snuggled up with a brew on a portaledge!

Our team carried 984kg of kit to...


Have you checked your camming devices recently?

POSTED: 29th November 2013 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Bolting, Gear Reviews, Qualifications, Staff @ Play, Technical Committee, Technical Courses

​I stand on the BMC Technical Committee representing the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and over recent years we have been receiving an alarming number of cam failures, these have been a result of users not checking them thoroughly for wear and tear.

Click the link here to read more on the BMC website.

Dan Robinson


Explore South Lakeland

POSTED: 25th November 2013 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Family & Group Adventures, Technical Courses

Real Adventure is now on Explore South Lakeland, a website that is designed to help visitors make the most out of a trip to the area. Explore South Lakeland has been set up by South Lakes District Council (SLDC) to promote exploration, exercise and tourism in the Lake District to those looking for adventure and excitement.


SPA Training

POSTED: 16th July 2011 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses

This weekend Mike Margeson and Dan Robinson 2 MIC’s from Real Adventure ran an SPA Training Course.


The Ben - Compression Crack

POSTED: 4th February 2011 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses, Winter Conditions

Back up to The Ben for another day with Paul, the weather looked like this was the last chance to get out this week, with 100mph winds forecast for the afternoon on Thursday and tropical and even faster winds for the Friday.Paul was keen to try out his newly discovered leash less skills on some steep ice. Due to the immanent weather and high avalanche conditions we headed...


Comb Gully - Ben Nevis

POSTED: 31st January 2011 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses, Winter Conditions

Today Paul and headed up to the Ben to see what was in condition and climbable. The temperature were a little high so we headed to the higher routes. Weaving our way carefully around the patches of wind slab from island of safety to island of safety we managed to reach the base of Comb Gully. Paul had not climbed on true “Nevis Neve” before, what a delight.We...


Kendal College Winter Skills Course

POSTED: 28th January 2011 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses, Winter Conditions

This week Kendal College have been on a Real Adventure in the Cairngorms learning about snow and ice and winter mountaineering. Neil Mathews and Sally Ozanne, 2 of our instructors, ran the course out of Ardenbeg Bunk House. The week was catered for by Real Adventure, Ronnie Dunn a local chef cooked in the evenings and the team ate well.The week’s weather...


BMC Technical Committee Meeting

POSTED: 17th January 2011 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses

This committee meets 4 times a year on a monday evening at the BMC offices in Manchester. The widely recognized BMC belay device poster is due for a fresh look and re print. This is a request to have a look at the poster and report back if you have any ideas on anything you think needs to be added or changed. Neville McMillan has now stepped down from the UIAA Safety...


Coutley Spout

POSTED: 23rd December 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Technical Courses, Winter Conditions

Roger Chaldecott, Rich Maywhort, Steve Stout and I headed over there early this morning. We all had commitments at 9am like work and meetings so an early start it was!Conditions where good, less ice than the time I was on it back in January at the beginning of the melt but also less water!The Bottom pitch is superb, protectable via rock gear on the left and ice...