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Blog - Technical Courses

New Course Dates

POSTED: 8th October 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications, Technical Courses

We have just posted new course dates for 2011. Whether you are already for assessment, keen to attend a training course, polish off your skills or spend the winter preparing, we have the course for you! We have course dates for CWA, SPA and ML, both training and assessment courses available. If you cant find what you are looking for just ask….


Learn to Climb course and ML rope work Refresher

POSTED: 9th August 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications, Technical Courses

Well today it rained, quite a bit, so we headed for an easy route in the Langdales and then spent the afternoon a little soggy looking at refreshing Izzi’s skills for her ML rope work, we covered the confidence roping and emergency rope work part of the syllabus including some handy advanced top tips and tricks.
After a bowl of soup in the Old Dungeon Ghyll it was...


Learn to Climb Course

POSTED: 8th August 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses

Izzi has done quite a bit of climbing on a wall and a little on single pitch crags but wanted to know the technicalities of multi pitch climbing. We spent the day looking at all the skills needed to be a competent second.We climbed Brown Slabs Arete, Ardus and Little Chamonix.


Learn to Climb - Day 2

POSTED: 23rd July 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses

We headed over to the Limestone at a place I first stepped foot on a crag when I was 12, Hutton Roof. Sarah was still on the way to being 100% over her fear of “the edge” and heights so this venue with more careful coaching allowed gave her the head space to take onboard the technical aspects.After a number of routes Sarah and Michael’s brains where full so we...


Learn to Climb - Day 1

POSTED: 22nd July 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses

Sarah and Michael arrived from Colchester on Thursday night and stayed in Ambleside. Michael runs a private medical practice, we spent most of our time chatting about business and databases, I popped them in touch with my database engineer and anorak Simon Fenna.The first day we headed to Middle Fell Buttress in Langdale and looked at multi pitch climbing & abseiling,...


The Wobbly Rock – Dow Crag

POSTED: 20th June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Technical Courses

Now the last time I was climbing on Dow, Helen and I where chatting with a fella who was noting how quiet the crag was and that this was due to a certain rock he had wedged on the footpath along the tarn.Anyone who has climbed on Dow Crag in the past will remember the irritating echo of the clatter of a wobbly rock which got stood on every time a walker passed along side...


Guided Rock – Wasdale

POSTED: 19th June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses

Paul had not been rock climbing since hemp rope and hobnailed boots, he was keen to convert his skills to the present day!
During the week Paul learnt his limits using his new boots, all there was to know about basic rope work, placing gear, building anchors and abseiling.

Going away with a set of skills get himself up climbs safely he headed back South.

Paul and I will...


Navigation Training

POSTED: 13th June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses

Kat was out today navigation training with a lad Tim from London. Tim is leading up to an event and wanted to top his skills up.
They headed to the area above Easedale and covered a number of skills on 3 varieties of maps before heading back to Grasmere for gingerbread then the train home.


Zip Line Inspection

POSTED: 20th May 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Committee, Technical Courses

Today I headed over to inspect a Zip Line before we use it with one of our larger courses this year.I was pleased to see that they had removed a suspect tree from the system…Last year we did not use it due to concerns I had, its great to see recommendations taken forward and acted upon.


Weekend Road Trip

POSTED: 7th March 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses, Winter Conditions

Each year Robin and Jenny come to Scotland for a weekends play in the cold stuff.
This year we stayed in Torlundy, Robin and I headed to the ice and Jenny Skied on the Saturday, Sunday we all headed to Glencoe then home after a meal in the Drovers Inn on the way home.