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4GEE Community Cinema Club

POSTED: 19th July 2017 BY: Dan
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For me, when I was young, a trip to the cinema meant a 40 min drive and a rare occasion. ​It has been great to work with EE, we have been one of the first to experience a screening from the 4GEE Community Cinema Club. What a treat… to finish a day’s rock climbing on Gimmer Crag with a movie snuggled up with a brew on a portaledge!

Our team carried 984kg of kit to...


Have you checked your camming devices recently?

POSTED: 29th November 2013 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Bolting, Gear Reviews, Qualifications, Staff @ Play, Technical Committee, Technical Courses

​I stand on the BMC Technical Committee representing the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and over recent years we have been receiving an alarming number of cam failures, these have been a result of users not checking them thoroughly for wear and tear.

Click the link here to read more on the BMC website.

Dan Robinson


Association of Mountaineering Instructors AGM and CPD weekend

POSTED: 30th January 2011 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Committee

Each year at the AMI’s AGM there is a chance to update our knowledge, share experiences and have a good catch up with friends and likeminded professionals. The workshops included; Transceiver use and Companion Rescue, MIC Trainee, GPS, Avalanche & Snow Safety, MLT provider Workshop, Dry Tooling, Short Roping, BMC FUNdamentals, MWIS weather forecasting, MIC...


GCSE Y11 PE - Climbing

POSTED: 7th December 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Committee, Technical Courses, Young People

I am the Technical Advisor for a large secondary school in Manchester.

The School use Real Adventure to…

undertake structural surveys and repairs of their climbing wall

clean and reset the holds

create the risk management and working procedures policy

train staff in the operation of the wall

site specific assessments of the staff



Zip Line Inspection

POSTED: 20th May 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Committee, Technical Courses

Today I headed over to inspect a Zip Line before we use it with one of our larger courses this year.I was pleased to see that they had removed a suspect tree from the system…Last year we did not use it due to concerns I had, its great to see recommendations taken forward and acted upon.


Cumbria Bolt Fund - update e-mail

POSTED: 19th May 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Committee

Current Completed Work
Thanks to 2 weekends then followup work there are now a number of lines completely re bolted at St Bees Head and Mill Side with also a new Abseil Station at Sargentman Crag Slabs.


The Cumbria Bolt fund now owns 3 complete sets of kit to go out bolting. Once the oder comes through from Lyon Equipment (some of the kit they are even giving...


BMC Technical Committee Meeting

POSTED: 18th May 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Committee

BMC Technical Committee Report for AMI By Dan Robinson
For the BMC’s Summit magazine the technical committee produce the Tech Skills section. this is about researching the technical aspects of equipment that aid us in what we do. The research informs the readers as to the strength, construction, choice when considering a purchase and more, Dan Middleton is the guru from...