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GCSE Y11 PE - Climbing

I am the Technical Advisor for a large secondary school in Manchester. The School use Real Adventure to…

  • undertake structural surveys and repairs of their climbing wall
  • clean and reset the holds
  • create the risk management and working procedures policy
  • train staff in the operation of the wall
  • site specific assessments of the staff
  • continual monitoring and staff development
  • Climbing Wall Award trainings and assessments
  • GCSE PE for climbing

Each week through Dec, Jan and Feb we are delivering the GCSE PE Climbing Syllabus.

Sally Ozanne, Rich Maywhort and I are running the training for the young people. Yesterday I was down at the school wall delivering session 1 for the red team.

The Staff we trained back in september are assisting us deliver the syllabus enabling them to gain group experience before their assessment.

POSTED: 7th December 2010
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Committee, Technical Courses, Young People