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Cumbria Bolt Fund - update e-mail

Current Completed Work

Thanks to 2 weekends then followup work there are now a number of lines completely re bolted at St Bees Head and Mill Side with also a new Abseil Station at Sargentman Crag Slabs.


The Cumbria Bolt fund now owns 3 complete sets of kit to go out bolting. Once the oder comes through from Lyon Equipment (some of the kit they are even giving us) we will have 3 sets to access the rock. This will increase safety and save you all getting your personal kit trashed. Oh and there are a few seats on order to increase comfort too!

New Bolts

We have won £1500 in the BMC’s bolt fund bid, the bolts are on order and will be with us hopefully by next week. Ill get the bolts for St Bees over to the team as soon as I can once they get here, how are you doing for resin St Bees Team?

There is also an order for chain, d rings, more bolts, resin etc that will be with us next week.

Core Drilling Bit

The new core drilling bits are on there way from America so we should have a set ready for replacing those crucial bolts where there is nowhere where the bolt can go except the original hole. Thrang is high on the list for the first place to use the bit!


I am in the process of righting the risk assessments, plans of work and procedures for the National Trust. They require it for one reason or another! Once this has been approved we can get down there and make a start. We are looking to bolt the top of the crag in the process as part of the agreement, this will reduce the wear on the trees at the top and also be useful for groups.

Humphrey Head

James Bumbey is on the case with agreeing access with the land owners. Once he has made contact and an agreement is in place then Peter Latimer will jump on the case with the RSPB and Natural England. The desire is to have access in place for when the bird ban is lifted.

Scout Scar

James Bumbey working on access. No bolting just yet.

Ropes Access Training

As we are working at height we should be adopting the methods used by industrial ropes access workers. Some training has been given on sight during bolt workshops however to cover this issue in detail and ensure we are all working safely Alex Showell has offered to run some access training for Active Bolters. Alex and I will run the event, teaching people how to rig and work off 2 ropes and what to do when it all goes wrong. If you are interested in this then please get in touch. Date to be arranged.

Methods of Work

Due to the lack of rain the dust is staying on the crags and not being washed away, I have bought a hand brush for each set of kit to help with keeping people on the crag after a bolting session.

Church Beck

The Church Beck user group have decided that there is a need to bolt church beck for the use of groups after a crucial belay disappeared. They have asked if it is possible for CBF to do the work. We have agreed with the proviso of a heathy donation to the fund.

Future Bolting Date in S Lakes

I will be back at Mill Side on Sunday 23rd May. Let me know if you can make it. I hope to be able to bolt the rest of the crag and clean up leaving the place totally finished apart from the extra chain that needs to go in when it arrives.

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POSTED: 19th May 2010
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Committee