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Comb Gully - Ben Nevis

Today Paul and headed up to the Ben to see what was in condition and climbable. The temperature were a little high so we headed to the higher routes. Weaving our way carefully around the patches of wind slab from island of safety to island of safety we managed to reach the base of Comb Gully. Paul had not climbed on true “Nevis Neve” before, what a delight.

We navigated over to the top of No. 4 Gully and inspected it, on inspection we decided it was safe to descend.

Back to the CIC hut to drop kit and then back to the Van.

Paul and his mountaineering club where staying at the CIC hut for the week. I’ll be back out on the hill with Paul on Thursdays after running a Climbing Wall Award (CWA) course for Telford College in Edinburgh.

POSTED: 31st January 2011
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses, Winter Conditions