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The Ben - Compression Crack

Back up to The Ben for another day with Paul, the weather looked like this was the last chance to get out this week, with 100mph winds forecast for the afternoon on Thursday and tropical and even faster winds for the Friday.

Paul was keen to try out his newly discovered leash less skills on some steep ice. Due to the immanent weather and high avalanche conditions we headed safely over to Compression Crack V,5.

A huge Avalanche released drown South Castle Gully, one of the biggest I have seen in a while, a healthy reminder to take extreme care when route planing.

Into the after noon with temperatures rising, visibility reducing and wind increasing we abseiled down the route teaching Paul how to create a Double Abalakov (v thread).

After crawling and navigating our way back to the CIC hut we had the privilege of access to a quick brew before packing up and heading out before to conditions got worse!

POSTED: 4th February 2011
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses, Winter Conditions