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Westmorland Gazette

The westmorland Gazette phoned after hearing about the Cumbria Bolt Fund work I am doing asking for information.

I am impressed with how many little points they got wrong in the article.

Corrections consist of £30,000 worth of bolts.

Also take out the Peaks of the Lake District as bolting hear is strictly prohibited.

Its also interesting how that if a climber where to climb on them they would die, makes good reading I guess.

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Volunteers scale heights to replace 30,000 danger bolts across Cumbria

4:46pm Wednesday 5th May 2010

AROUND 30,000 potentially dangerous climbing bolts are being replaced on Cumbria’s peaks and rock faces in a major safety drive.

The five-year programme to replace the bolts used by mountaineers and rock climbers will be carried out by volunteers from the Cumbria Bolt Fund.

Chairman Dan Robinson said: “This job is about replacing old, rusty and dangerous bolts and putting new bolts back in place.

“If they don’t get replaced then people don’t climb the climb. If you climb on some of these old, dangerous bolts then you would fall and die.

“It’s a job that’s needed to be done for a while now.”

Volunteers will abseil quarry and cliff-faces to take out the bolts, replacing them with new ones. Some of the old bolts date back to the 1960s.

Mr Robinson added the operation would purely consist of replacing existing bolts and that no extra ones would be added.

The British Mountaineering Council and the Fell and Rock Club are funding the replacement bolts.

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POSTED: 12th May 2010
BY: Dan