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Have a look into our past here you will find what we have been up to and be able to see some of our thoughts and re posts of interest. 

Birkets Gully

POSTED: 19th December 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Winter Conditions

The road to the end of the valley is passable and the conditions are good.You can see the conditions for your self in the photo’s.Stay safe out there and enjoy…


Red Screes

POSTED: 9th December 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Winter Conditions

With a thaw setting in for the weekend and a pile of work stacking up in the office an early morning was required.Steve Stout and I headed up Red Screes for sun rise and climbed the water fall on the left of the cove before heading to a DofE Assessors Accreditation day.


Stickle Ghyll & Pavey Ark

POSTED: 8th December 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Winter Conditions

Well after an interview with Mike Parr from Radio Cumbria and a morning of office work I tour myself away from the computer and headed over to Langdale.
After popping into Langdale School to say hi and pick up my copy of the Langdale School Express and quick jog I was at the foot of Stickle Ghyll. The Ghyll is a popular scramble in the summer time with groups, click this...


BBC Radio Cumbria

POSTED: 8th December 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Technical Courses, Winter Conditions

This morning at 0750 I was on BBC Radio Cumbria on Mike Parr’s Breakfast Show talking about ice climbing.
Mike had been going on about how this cold was only a negative.

After the Interview I did for the Cumbria Bolt Fund earlier this year, I was invited back to talk about the positives that this weather brings.

Thanks to Mike for introducing me as Dan Robinson,...


GCSE Y11 PE - Climbing

POSTED: 7th December 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Committee, Technical Courses, Young People

I am the Technical Advisor for a large secondary school in Manchester.

The School use Real Adventure to…

undertake structural surveys and repairs of their climbing wall

clean and reset the holds

create the risk management and working procedures policy

train staff in the operation of the wall

site specific assessments of the staff



Launchy Ghyll

POSTED: 6th December 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Winter Conditions

Having to hold down a business and and take advantage of ice conditions is an even balance!
After a tip from a crew of palls from Manchester who were on it on Sunday, there was a burning need to not miss out.

Today I had a meeting with an Outdoor Ed group from Kendal College. We are taking them to the Cairngorms for a weeks winter skills course in January.

After all...


Raven Crag Gully

POSTED: 5th December 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses, Winter Conditions

Going by the knowledge of Friday’s outing at Low Water and a little word of mouth that someone had got up Raven Crag Gully. Paul and I got an early start to beet the crowdsDriving conditions were great, am temp in Kendal at 0600 was - 3 Thirlemere Valley - 6.5We met 2 lads in the car park who were dedicated to the cause, 8 hour drive to get to the Lakes for just one...