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Blog - Qualifications

Learn to Climb course and ML rope work Refresher

POSTED: 9th August 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications, Technical Courses

Well today it rained, quite a bit, so we headed for an easy route in the Langdales and then spent the afternoon a little soggy looking at refreshing Izzi’s skills for her ML rope work, we covered the confidence roping and emergency rope work part of the syllabus including some handy advanced top tips and tricks.
After a bowl of soup in the Old Dungeon Ghyll it was...


ML Assessment & Training

POSTED: 7th August 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications

This week Mike and I are running an ML Assessment and Training course at Lakeside YMCA. During these courses at Mountain Leader Courses at Lakeside YMCA we use the Real Adventure minibus, Accommodation and great food at lakeside, class rooms and coffee are on tap throughout the week until we head out to the hills for our 3 day 2 night expedition.
This week I headed to the...


MIA Trainee Workshop - Improvised Rescue

POSTED: 1st August 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications

Today we headed over to Castle Rock, the day started with a few shoers ont he walk in but soon cleared up.

We looked at…

Lowering/abseiling past a knot
Simple solutions to simple problems
Escaping from the system
Hoisting both in and out of the system
Dealing with more complex scenarios i.e. an unconscious climber on a traverse
The lads are now...


MIA Trainee Workshop - Navigation

POSTED: 31st July 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications

This weekend I am running an Mountaineering Instructors Award workshop for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, navigation & environment was the topic for today. Most of the lads on the course had popped down from Scotland and none of them had spent much time in the Lakes so we headed over the the Coppermines and spent the day quest from ring contour to re...


Mountain Leader Re-Assessment

POSTED: 30th July 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications

Tonight was a Summer ML Re-Assessment, John had put in a huge amount of effort since his deferral earlier this year and displayed a really strong demonstration of navigational skill.


AMI Trainee Workshop Day – Instructing Climbing

POSTED: 18th July 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications

This workshop was in North Wales, I ran it with Steve Long. The Days kick off at Plas Y Brannin National Mountain Centre where we talk through the aims and goals of the people on the course.
Today we had 4 really cool people who are working towards there MIA Assessment this year.

This refresher day looks at the how to structure and plan a day...


AMI Trainee Short Roping Day

POSTED: 10th May 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications

Today I ran one of the AMI trainee days in the Lakes.
This day was designed around looking at Short Roping and allowing the trainees to consolidate and learn new tricks before there MIA assessment.

We headed up the decent path of Raven Crag then up the decent of Gimmer Crag then on to the scrambles on the side of Pike ‘o’ Stickle.

That evening I met up with...


Mountain Leader Assessment

POSTED: 3rd April 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications

29th March to 3rd April 2010
Mike Margeson and I run all of the Lakeside YMCA’s MLTE courses.

Mike ran the first 2 days of the course and then I headed out into the fresh snow for the expedition element of the assessment.

We left the night nav until the second night due to the quantity of snow.

Sprinkling Tarn and Scar Lathing provided 2 nights under the stars...


Caving Skills Module for Kendal College Day 2

POSTED: 17th December 2009 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications, Technical Courses

With a revision of water level history, present, and forecast using the College over head projector and various website (site’s we use are under the resources page/weather forecasts on the Real Adventure website) we where soon on our way over to the dales for Day 2.
Very little rain, frozen ground and only a touch of snow behind the walls with a forecast of snow...


Cave Leader Level 2 Refresher Day

POSTED: 9th December 2009 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications, Technical Courses

A day in Bull Pot Kingsdale looking at efficient rigging, rope management, and simple rescues with 2 instructors from Outward Bound Ulswater.
This day was through Ingleborough Hall

Check out their website more adventures.

Ill be back at Ingleborough in January.