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Caving Skills Module for Kendal College Day 2

With a revision of water level history, present, and forecast using the College over head projector and various website (site’s we use are under the resources page/weather forecasts on the Real Adventure website) we where soon on our way over to the dales for Day 2.

Very little rain, frozen ground and only a touch of snow behind the walls with a forecast of snow flurries and low temperature gave way to a an explore deep into the Ease Ghyll system using County Pot as our way in and out.

The team explored their own way through the system after further tuition on cave navigation, guide book interpretation and survey reading.

A top day was had with a cold retreat back to the van in snow that made driving out form bull pot a challenge.

POSTED: 17th December 2009
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications, Technical Courses