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Red Tarn Cove

After a enthusiastic phone call on thursday night to Paul the decision to come to the Lakes to learn more about winter climbing and crank up some routes in the Lakes was made with no hesitation, abbreviation or deviation, once run past with the Misses of course!

With the snow fall that came down last night I was pleased of the strategic & cunning phone call to Bob. Bob owns a beast of a 4x4 with really big snow chains. There was no stopping us getting to Greenside Mines.

Today we did Gully One, II to warm up then down Swirral Edge as the usual decent, the bowl to the right of Viking Buttress, was banked out and after inspection looked like it may trigger. A quick bite then we legged it over to V Corner III where we caught up 2 lads who had a really early start from Durham then saw Tom finishing the last pitch.

2 lads were on Rape and Pillage and made a perfect job of it.

After more flap jack on the summit we headed down Striding Edge and back home for tea and cakes.

The conditions where perfect, a fussy person would say a little warm but this warming will help consolidate the snow pack.

There is a base layer of old hard snow and we noticed 3 layers in places of fresh, some of these layers were releasing easily in the built up areas.

POSTED: 4th December 2010
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Technical Courses, Winter Conditions