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Sgurr Finnasg-aig Falls

Driving through Glencoe ice fall after ice fall were cascading off every crag and gully line. The Screan, No. 6 Gully where both in. Elliot’s Downfall was close.

It would have made sense to stop on the way through but as my climbing partner for the week was still in Kendal alternatives had to be found.

Bridget Thomas and Andrew were easily persuaded to join in on an afternoon jaunt, however Graham Boistelle (the Real Adventure 2010 trainee) could not make it either as he was busy drying out his copy of Cold Climbs after 5 leaks in his house. Arriving at the foot of the route at 1300 and back to Bids for tea and cake at 1630 was not a bad effort for Andrews first ever ice climb.

The lower pitches where a little wet however the top pitch of IV was in perfect condition.

POSTED: 27th December 2010
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Winter Conditions