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Fisherplace Gill

On arriving at the gill we where really surprised to see no one there just after 8 am.

Today Sally, Ant, Liz and I quested up the gill trying not to fall in the pools, especially one of them that looked to be over head deep.

Temperatures today have been the highest since Christmas reaching a high of 4.5c - this will be great for the snow on the top of the hills they will change from there powdery state and dribble a little ready to freeze again. Lets hope it all stays for next weekend.

I am back working with a group this week caving, climbing, mountain walking, gorge scrambling but will hopefully be out with my head torch. As for the rest of the team, Sally is off to Scotland and Simon will be out through the day so we will be able to keep you updated through the week.

POSTED: 10th January 2010
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Winter Conditions