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Coniston Winter Conditions

So after a great little am session in Langdale we headed to Coniston.

The water ice is well formed and also well hacked at. We arrived at Low Water Beck at about 2:30 and where pleased to find no one on it.

The tarn is frozen over and is over a foot deep in the middle.

We climbed the largest piece of ice up behind the tarn and just at the R of the start to South Gully and then to the summit. This piece of ice showed no evidence of climbers and went at about IV, 4

The snow is well consolidated in the back of the gully. There are only small accumulations of wind slab on the face with a reasonable cornice in places.

We did not dig a full test pit but did notice the above.

POSTED: 10th January 2010
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Winter Conditions