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Caving Skills Module for Kendal College Day 1

The first day of this 2 day module started off at Kendal College in the class room with a look into water conditions for caving. History of rain fall, present conditions and forecast were looked at. The conditions where looking like high water levels at present that would drop throughout the day.

Off to the Dales with plan A Long Churns.

The team of 8 students learnt the beginnings of how to make a safe judgement on water levels when caving, cave navigation, the spirit of caving through self exploration and the dangers with case example of cave flooding and how people have got it wrong in the past.

The churns where heaving that day and was a real eye opener for the students who saw just how powerful water can be in a safe and controlled way.

A brief look at calcite formations where looked at and research topics given for the next session.

Back with the team on the 17th Dec for day 2 (vertical + detailed cave navigation + guide book interpretation) . Plan A - County Pot Plan B - Bull Pot of the Witches.

POSTED: 3rd December 2009
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Qualifications, Technical Courses