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Kayaking the Conwy

POSTED: 20th July 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play

Well as it was raining lots and the rivers where up and Sally (one of RA’s staff) was in wales and we all had our boats it seamed a shame to go home without stealing a before breakfast run down the river.
We started at about 6 in the morning so we could all get to work on time.

The river goes at about 3+ and has a great little s shaped drop on it. It was a shame we...


MIA Trainee Workshop Day – Teaching Leading & Climbing in Parallel

POSTED: 19th July 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play

The second day of the weekends workshop - Rain lots of.
Steve and I decided the best venue would be Milestone Buttress sue to the grades and angles of the crag allowing for climbing in the wet.

When people are at this stage in there knowledge it is possible to hypothesise various methods and perceived methods before trying them out on the crag, this allowed another cup...



POSTED: 18th July 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Young People

After the workshop, as we where at the crag and it was dry and we still had some daylight it seamed a shame not to go climbing again.
Steve Long, one of the lads on the course Liam, and I headed off after the debriefs and climbed Cream - E4 5b, 5c, 6a

Liam lead the first pitch, I lead the second (E3 5c) one of the best E3’s I have had the pleasure to climb, and...


White Ghyll Abseil point

POSTED: 29th June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play

Kat and I headed op to White Ghyll and Kat lead Slip Knot VS 4a, 4b before getting rained off, well it had to happen at some point this summer!
There are many abseil points across the Lakes and they vary from good to just really unsightly.

Below is an example of the accumulation of new tat to back up old suspect tat and the old being left behind with a variety of either...


Gable Crag

POSTED: 26th June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play

Today Martin Ibbotson from High Times Mountaineering and I headed up to Gable for a crack at some harder routes…
A good early start meant that we where the first on the crag but not for long, the last count got up to 23 climbers!! just when we where saying how none of the routes looked like they had been climbed for a while and how no one climbs on high mountain...


The Wobbly Rock – Dow Crag

POSTED: 20th June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play, Technical Courses

Now the last time I was climbing on Dow, Helen and I where chatting with a fella who was noting how quiet the crag was and that this was due to a certain rock he had wedged on the footpath along the tarn.Anyone who has climbed on Dow Crag in the past will remember the irritating echo of the clatter of a wobbly rock which got stood on every time a walker passed along side...


Hodge Close Quarry

POSTED: 20th June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play

After work we headed over to Hodge to take out the Bolt that had been placed in Ten Years After. The route is a classic traditional climb that is one of the “classic slate scare fests” a bolt was placed next to the old peg.
The Cumbria Bolt Fund which I chair works towards seeing replaced bolts cumbria’s bolted climbs, no illegitimate bolts will stay in...


Thirlmere Boulders

POSTED: 11th June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play

After a great week with Ambleside and Lindale Primary Schools the Real Adventure staff and I headed over to the Atlantis Boulders on the side of Thirlmere for a spot of relaxing before heading back to the stores to sort the weeks Kit.The boulders are nearly all out of the water now with only one problem that is a shallow water solo!


Pavey Ark

POSTED: 4th June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play

Alex, Claudia, Helen, Graham and I headed up to Pavey for a day on the crag.
I did The Bracken Clock E2 5c and Capella E1 5b, 5b with Claudia and Alex whilst the other two did a VS then followed us up Capella.

Alex who runs High Line Vision took a selection of shot of the day, ill post them when they come through.


Caving staff training

POSTED: 1st June 2010 BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Staff @ Play

Day 2 of staff induction and training was a day underground. This was to be Graham and Kat’s first trip so we made sure it was a good one…
Lancaster Hole to Wretched Rabbit : Via… Waterfall Passage, Main Stream Passage, Oxbow Corner, Minarets, Cornes Cavern, Snail Cavern, Monster Cavern, Stop Pot, Holbeck Junction and up Spiral Stairs.

Thanks to Simon...