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Year 6 Leaver Day Underground

​As a big fare well to the Year 6’s before they head off to big school we took them for a day underground. Everyone had a top time. After looking closely at the weather and then handing out kit we headed over to Long Churns for the day…

a quick bite to eat and then up to middle entrance for an explore round. We headed down to the cheese press and everyone got through grin after a look down Dolly tubs it was time to leg it back past Plank Pool and Double Shuffle to the start of Baptistry Crawl before heading up river to Doctor Banisters Hand Basin where we crawled round the back of the water fall then up it to day light.

The day finished with a mug of hot chocolate and slice of cake in Inglesport Café then back to school.

What a way to end Primary School.

POSTED: 17th July 2012
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Young People