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Sponsored Abseil

RV Projects Team 9 are a Team of 11 young people aged 18 – 30 who are going to Romania to change the lives of young children with disabilities at Kindergarten No15, by renovating and rejuvenating aspects of the buildings and grounds. As a team we are fundraising in order to purchase the necessary equipment needed. RV Projects Team 9 are participating in a number of fundraising activities including a street collection, a carwash, personal donations and a sponsored 1km abseil using Kendal Fire station training tower. We are grateful to Dan Robinson of Real Adventure for supporting the abseiling event through his kind donation of all equipment.

“I think this project will be a real eye opener, I have enjoyed everything that we have done so far. I am really looking forward to doing the abseil to raise more funds for our project!” Bethan Burton.

“I can’t wait to do the abseil and I can’t believe I get to go to Romania and help other young people.” Liz Penny.

“I can’t wait to go to Romania and make a difference.” Jason Kirkby.

If you would like to make a donation to our project please contact Matthew Goslin on 07968814833.

Want to find out more about RV Projects? Find us on @ facebook.comRVProjects

POSTED: 17th March 2011
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Young People