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Hill House Day 4

The Year 6 week of adventure was topped off with a trip to the Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre. The two guides took us on a tour of the birds of prey at the centre. Woody the Wood Owl, Snowy the Snowy Owl, Brian the Buzzard and many more imaginatively named birds! They gave us lots of information that was appropriately aimed at the level of the children and enlightened us about the quirks and characteristics of some of our feathered friends - one owl even has vertigo and insists on walking everywhere! We were then treated to a wonderful display by a couple of the birds, an eagle and an owl. A few of the children were even lucky enough to hold Barny the Barn Owl.

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of children; there were many positive comments from the Real Adventure team and even a few from members of the public as we travelled around the Dales over the course of the week. They were very well behaved; listening when asked to, asking sensible and mature questions and eagerly joining in all of the amazing activities that the Real Adventure team had organised for us. All of the teachers on the trip were very proud to accompany our Year 6 pupils and we hope that they remember this trip for the rest of their lives.

POSTED: 9th March 2013
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Young People