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Hill House Day 3

After a restful night, the children woke up keen and eager to begin activities. Following a hearty breakfast, we all made our packed lunches and sorted out equipment ready to go. Mrs Brown’s group tackled the ghyll scramble first whilst Mrs Stirling Martin’s group visited the climbing wall, before swapping over in the afternoon. Both groups had a thrilling fun packed day, where everybody met the challenges faced, with enthusiasm.

Mr Marsh’s group and Mrs Mason’s group joined together for the day. An educational session in the class room was followed by a fantastic, hands-on learning experience, completing a river study of Clapdale Beck. The children enjoyed a bracing hike up the famous Ingleborough Peak, stopping along the way to spot geological features and nibble Kendall Mint Cake before following the river downstream and stopping at three sites to take measurements. A highlight of the day was visiting the incredible Gaping Ghyll.

At the end of the day after another yummy meal, both children and staff were very excited about the prospect of the evening’s Talent Show.

POSTED: 7th March 2013
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Young People