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Hill House - Day 2

Some tired faces at breakfast but all were fed well and raring to go by 9am.

Mr Marsh’s group spent the morning at Inglesport Rock Climbing Barn. Dan (who holds a Mountain Instructor’s Certificate for climbing & mountaineering) spent an hour with the children warming them up and playing climbing exercise games before they saw a harness. They all saw the height of the wall and none of them thought that they would get anywhere near the top,

perhaps Joe was the only one who was confident as he has been climbing many times before. They all did it! We were very proud of them.

In the afternoon they went Ghyll Scrambling up a dry (‘ish) ghyll called South Barking Ghyll, in Barbondale. This was a tough trip, with some climbing skills required.

Mrs Mason’s did the opposite to Mr Marsh’s group where they started off at the Gyhll in the morning and were Rock Climbing in the afternoon.

Mrs Stirling-Martin’s and Mrs Browns groups had a River Study day. They packed up their lunches in the morning, thank you to all who gave them some practice before they came on the trip. The day kicked off in the dining room with a session about rivers led by Jen & Phillipa. They had to develop some predictions for measurements made during the day. They then went on a short bus journey up to Clapham where they embarked on a 2 and a half mile, uphill mission to the top of the beck on the flanks of Ingleborough. Here they stopped for lunch to feed the brain, went for a paddle, collected some data and peered over the edge of Gaping Ghyll – a huge cavern (a massive sink-hole that can reportedly hold St. Paul’s cathedral inside!) The group then followed the old dry river valley back down the hill to where the river re-emerges at Ingleborough Cave. The group then split to do some separate measurements at the cave and at Clapham and this data was then collated back at the Lodge.

The evening meal was a lovely macaroni cheese followed by treacle sponge. It once again was devoured by all.

POSTED: 6th March 2013
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Young People