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Bowfell Buttress with Langdale Primary School

Langdale Primary School adopts understands that everyone is an individual and each person will find what they are best at in life, they believe in giving each young person the opportunity to experience every thing they have to offer and to allow for further development for those who connect to topic.

At Real Adventure we take the Langdale kids out from an early age teaching them to do what we love in their back yard and afield, over the years we have been to the Dales for a week’s caving and rock climbing based residential, Ennerdale for the hill’s water and climbing, and to local crags. each young person has now done a good number of progressive taster climbing sessions.

Last year some of the team asked us if they could go Multi Pitch climbing on the crags they pass on their way to school each day so we built them up to the challenge and took a few of them up Middle Fell Buttress after a little training and risk assessing with Cathy.

2 of them that we took out may just be the next Dave Birket of the Lakes. Mark Squires asked me if I would be happy taking them up Bowfell Buttress.

Looking at the amount of climbing and hill walking they had done and remembering the skills they had picked up along the way I felt comfortable that they would be able to manage the day but only if the stars alined and it was perfect weather for them.

Today was the day, the two budding climbers and Cathy a well experienced climber (and their teacher from a really young age) and I headed to Brambles for a traditional bacon bun climbing start to the day before heading off up the valley to Stool End Farm and the long walk in up the Band.

POSTED: 26th June 2010
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Young People