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Blizzard Survival Gear Review for AMI News

Blizzard, from Bethesda, North Wales, produce a wide range of lightweight thermal protection for survival and emergency situations. Used extensively by the US/UK militaries as well as UK Mountain Rescue and Search and Rescue teams, the Plas y Brenin instructors are recommending the Blizzard gear as part of your standard kit to carry. Over the past 2 months I have been testing Blizzard’s products to see just how useful they may be for what we do in our industry. Now I have not been in a true emergency situation but I have put them to the test.

Earlier in the month I noticed a day where the weather was forecast to start off warm and dry but then deteriorate to heavy rain. Perfect, out we went on the crag one of us just in shorts and t-shirt + the survival jacket the other with normal clothing for a rubbish forecast. Well the rain set in, winds increased and after a complete soaking the tiny lightweight packet was burst open and on went the shiny jacket.

With the jacket dried and stuffed into my caving instructor bag the next time it was worn was after a particularly excellent caving trip. One of the group slipped into a deep pool at the start of the day and by the time it came to the walk back to they where in need of a warm up, normally they would manage until they were changed however the Jacket came out and a smile was soon on their face, the lad could also undo his lamp set and take off his own wellies due to his newly recovered heat.

I tried the Blizzard Bag one night in the hills, I stayed alive (which is what is designed to do) but would prefer my down bag for comfort.

In conclusion, the Blizzard Jacket is really useful for those times that people just get a little cold during a day out, it seamed to heat people up quicker than a drop of hot liquid and a wooly hat and the pace of the day was not altered. The Blizzard Bag has its uses in the bottom of your sac for those real emergencies where you would normally be carrying a spare lightweight sleeping bag, maybe with this lightweight alternative, the bag is only 500 grams and the size of a video cassette (remember them?) we will be more likely to have one in our sac? It makes a great addition to your pack if you find someone injured or if you are stuck out for the night.

POSTED: 30th July 2010
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Gear Reviews