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Accapi Gear Review

Dan Robinson & Sally Ozanne

Accapi is a success story based on innovation and research, originally a specialist in the manufacturing of technical socks for all types of sports with a particular focus on mountain activities. With a partnership with Nexus, Accapi now produces Infrared clothing for athletes.

Nexus is a revolutionary Japanese fabric with unique properties, incorporating platinum, titanium and aluminum to emit a safe infrared wavelength which is absorbed by the human body to result in thinned body fluids, increased circulation and accelerated toxin removal.

With Accapi’s longstanding support to mountaineers, when the Mountain Boot Company expanded to bring Accapi into the UK they were keen to see it on the bodies of mountain professionals. Sally Ozanne and I have been testing the technology and have only been finding really positive results.

Sally sustained an injury skiing and as a result has had an Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction, she has been using the Body Guard Action knee guard for the past couple of months and has noticed a significant difference. With the ability to improve blood circulation to the affected area it helps regain muscle tone + power and improves the elasticity of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. “Using the knee supports has helped with the recovery of a major operation and has enabled me to train and perform to a higher point than I had imagined after such trauma to a joint”.

I have been using the pro long sleeve t-shirt and a short sleeve action t-shirt. The pro range is designed to be used when you are warming down or in rest mode, and the action range for when you are active in your sport. As soon as you put the base layer on you notice a real difference, using this long term I have noticed an increase in mobility during a hard climb, and a reduction in the recovery time as a direct consequence of the increased circulation and accelerated toxin removal that this revolutionary fabric provides.

With regards to the use of the fabric as a technical garment in our work and play environments it is not as warm as wearing a thermal base layer. However, having said this, there is no issue when combined with good quality layering. The wicking properties are good and the technology in the fabric have a positive effect on the body.

Accapi offer Members of AMI a great deal on their products, have a look at the Gear Deals page in the secure area of our site for more information, although the garments a little more expensive than a traditional item of clothing, the result of the fabric to your body as a sports professional is well worth the investment for a long life career.

POSTED: 2nd August 2010
BY: Dan
CATEGORIES: Gear Reviews