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The John Muir Award

The John Muir Award is the main educational initiative of the conservation charity, The John Muir Trust. It encourages people of all ages to enjoy and take responsibility for wild places. This popular environmental award scheme offers a framework for groups and individuals to discover and explore wild places both on their doorstep and further a-field, to put something back and to share their experiences. It is non-competitive and open to all.

Why not visit the John Muir Award website to find out more about the award.

John muir

The John Muir Award as part of your programme

​The award can become an integral part of your trip. It encourages participants to experience wild places and the environment to develop an awareness of and responsibility for the places we enjoy and want to protect.

Your programme can be largely based upon outdoor activities, which is what we do best! Through the use of activities such as climbing and canoeing. Your group can explore, discover and conserve their new surroundings, maintaining the main John Muir principles. The programme can be designed to offer a powerful mixture of adventure, self discovery, learning and fun. Through a wide range of activities students will discover more about themselves whilst acquiring many new skills.

Alternatively your John Muir Award can be largely based around the environment and geographical interest with elements of outdoor activities. There will be a strong focus on integrating the environment into the learning objectives and values of the course, through the incorporation of the John Muir Award and encourages people of all ages to connect, enjoy and care for wild places.

The John Muir Award can incorporated within specific areas of school study:

  • Geography
  • Environmental Studies
  • Art
  • Outdoor Education
  • Personal & Social Development
Challenges through the John Muir Award

John Muir Challenges

​The four challenges are designed to promote an holistic approach:

  1. Discover a wild place
  2. Explore its wildness
  3. Help to conserve it
  4. Share your experiences with others
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