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Disabilities & Special Needs

Real Adventure has joined partnership with Special Events as their dedicated provider for all the adventure activities they have to offer. Through this, we are able to offer all inclusive activities across an outdoor programme. Special events is an organisation dedicated to providing fabulous activities and opportunities to people with special needs and disabilities. At the centre of the Special events hub is a solid foundation of years of experience of providing adventurous, creative and educational possibilities. They link the highest quality of experience with an inclusive caring nature, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the best experiences are on offer to you…..

Caving with Special Events

Outdoor Adventure

​Special events is offering inclusive adventurous activities for all, with specialised adaptive equipment to allow access to any outdoor environment. Real Adventure is the outdoor activities provider licensed through the ‘adventure activities licensing authority’. Delivering outdoor activity days for young people and adults with disabilities/special needs and their carers.

Adventure is offering young people and adults the opportunity to paddle or even sail a canoe around a great lake, pitch up and enjoy a brew on a remote island, explore the vast underground caverns, navigate around an orienteer course and more. Gain experiences you never thought possible with the help of Special Events and Real Adventure.

Music Rocks

​Why not come along to one of our music rocks sessions where students will have the opportunity to take part in an array of exciting musical activities! All children have an innate musicality and this will be encouraged through exposure to and experience of music at the music rocks sessions.

Based at the Yamaha music school kendal, students will be lead by local music teacher Beth Helsby and sessions will explore a variety of activities including singing, moving to music, exploring rhythms and textures, and percussion and instrument playing. All participants will be presented with a certificate of achievement at the end of the session to hang on their wall of fame!

Creativity Workshop

​Acorns will provide the arts and crafts side of this fantastic community project. Driven by your child’s energy, interests and enthusiasms, we will provide engaging activities. Using loads of exciting and stimulating materials we will learn new skills and develop confidence and creativity. Building structures, creating crazy costumes and working in teams, my aim is that every child will have a great time and leave feeling fulfilled and successful.

Special Events Gallery

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