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The goal of outdoor qualifications is to promote high standards of supervision and leadership so that both enjoyment and safety are enhanced, without compromising either the sport or the participation of others. They are valid throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland and are recognized by the Adventure Activity Licensing Authority (AALA).

Real Adventure advertise and deliver professionally recognised Mountain Training England (MTE) NGB courses through Mike Margeson's Providership (no. 588), so you can be confident that you will receive the best possible level of training and assessment. Dan Robinson and/or Mike Margeson will be your trainers/assessors with training and assessment delivered mainly in the Lake District, Cumbria. Please have a look through the relevant schemes for course details and dates. For extra training towards an assessment or post-assessment refresher have a look at what we have to offer, these courses are fun and packed full of really useful info.

Climbing Wall Award

Designed as an introduction to the technical and group management skills required to safely and competently run climbing sessions on artificial climbing walls. The Climbing Wall Award consists of a training course followed by a consolidation period prior to assessment.

Single Pitch Award (SPA)

The Single Pitch Award - or SPA in the outdoor industry - builds on the Climbing Wall Award by introducing you to the outdoor climbing environment. Developing the technical skills for moving safely and effectively on rock, the SPA also covers all aspects of outdoor climbing management, safety and etiquette. Find out more about our SPA courses here.

Mountain Leader Award (ML)

The Mountain Leader Award (ML) course prepares you to safely lead groups through challenging, mountainous terrain and considers all aspects of outdoor leadership - from navigation and group management to consideration for the weather, rope skills and much more. Real Adventure also offer ML refresher courses and re-assessments, no matter what area you may have deferred on. You can find further details on our ML course here.

Outdoor First Aid Courses

In order to be useful and effective first aid should be delivered in a practical, relevant, hands-on set up. Our first aid courses can be tailored to suit your working environment, from outdoor situations to office-based set ups. Real Adventure offer first aid courses through First Aid Cumbria. You can find more details and book your place on a course on the First Aid course page.

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