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Introductory Courses

Whether you are friends or family wanting to learn new skills, we have something to suit everyone. These are introductory courses, if you are looking for something more advanced then take a look at our technical courses.

Introduction to Climbing

Introduction to Climbing

​A great introduction to the sport of rock climbing and an amazing way to view the beauty of the Lake District. Using easily accessible crags with stunning views your expert instructor will have you climbing multiple routes that suit your ability. Coupled with an abseiling session this can be an amazing day out where you will really challenge yourselves but leave with a real sense of achievement.

Learning to navigate on the hill.

Introduction to Navigation

​This course will take you through all the skills you need to navigate confidently on the hills. We will cover map symbols, scales, contour interpretation, using the compass, taking bearings and measuring distance through pacing and timings.


Introduction to Canoeing

Take a fun and leisurely paddle around one of the Lake Districts most scenic lakes. Your instructor will teach you the necessary strokes for either tandem or solo paddling then guide you on a journey as you explore islands and bays amidst wonderful mountain scenery.

The Lake District has a variety of spectacular rivers to explore. Journeying and exploring is what the open canoe was originally designed for. During your journey you will be given the opportunity to learn essential strokes as you meander through the beautiful Lake District countryside. Along the way you will tackle simple moving water and shingle rapids.

Kayak Skills Course.

Introduction to Kayaking

​Want to learn kayaking but don’t know where to start? Need kayaking for beginners stuff but the info you find is too advanced? Real Adventure has the course for you!

A fantastic course aimed at people who wish to gain the foundation skills of kayaking. By the end of course you will have the skill to maneuver your kayak to where you want and hopefully stay upright! Your instructor will teach you the basic skills of moving your boat around by playing games and having fun. It’s then off for a short journey exploring one of Cumbria’s finest lakes and developing your adventure spirit.

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