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Adventure Filming and Access


Real Adventure provides rope access for filming at height or in difficult to reach and potentially dangerous surroundings such as treetops, cliffs or high platforms. Overseeing all of the rope access related activities, including rigging, safety, rescue cover and supervision. We regularly work in remote locations far from vehicle access.

We have the skills in designing and rigging a variety of aerial systems capable of moving manned and remote cameras around at height in a safe and controlled manner. We oversee all of the height related activities during filming, including canopy access, rope and cable rigging, lifting and rigging, safety and rescue cover and supervision.

We also supply rope access solutions for the stage, including sound & lighting positioning, rigging and access solutions. With our technical rigging experience and expertise we can help you to access another dimension in film making possibilities. We have a background in Industrial Ropes Access (IRATA) and we can access any position above or below ground to get the perfect angle to capture your film. Weither you have your own equipment and require our expertise in rigging and placement or keen to undertake an adventure and get it captured on film using our equipment, we can help.

  • Rope Access Services for Filming at Height
  • Lifting & Rigging
  • Safety & Rescue Cover
  • Rope & Cable Rigging
  • Cliff and High Platform Services
  • Difficult Access Solutions
  • Sound and Lighting Positioning
  • Photography Height Services
  • Remote Access and Safety

Some of our past clients include Time Team & EE.

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